Google, since January 2018 has urged the web world to adopt solutions geared toward increasing the level of security of information exchanged within it by using encrypted communication protocols.

What is the HTTPS protocol?

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is a protocol for Internet communication that protects the integrity and confidentiality of data exchanged between computers and sites (Client-Server communication). Since June, Google, through its CHROME browser has been reporting connections to sites that do not use SSL as “UNPROTECTED.”
What is even more penalizing is the fact that non-HTTPS sites are penalized in Google’s serpents, simply put, you lose positions in Google.

What is an SSL Certificate.

THE SSL certificate issued by a verified entity contains the encryption keys necessary to encrypt and decrypt all content exchanged between two machines (usually a PC and the server on which the site resides)

What is cryptography.

The data exchanged is encrypted to protect it from eavesdropping. Thus while the user is consulting a website, no one can “listen in” on his or her conversations. In addition, data transferred between Server and Client cannot be maliciously modified during transfer.
Therefore, in order to meet the new security criteria, you need to purchase an SSL certificate, install it on your service provider and update resource urls, and you will also need to update the configuration of services such as Google Alnalytics.

What to do

Studio De Marchi provides all the expertise necessary to enable your site to meet these new prerequisites by operationally providing you with the necessary solutions tailored to the site to be “certified”