360 Virtual Tour - Ubiquitour

THE 360° immersive virtual tour

Bring your customers to your business without making them move from home!

What is it?

  • An immersive virtual tour complete with highlights with audio and video footage that can be viewed via a browser from PCs, tablets and smartphones even with 3D viewers.

What can you do thanks to Ubiquitour?

  • Escort your guests from one room of the company to another-you will be in line with them and act as their guide via an integrated video chat.

To whom is Ubiquitour dedicated?

  • To companies that want to open the doors of their reality to customers both near and far.
  • To hotels and restaurants to showcase their indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • To museums, theaters, churches and places of interest to conduct interactive guided tours.
  • To schools and kindergartens to implement virtual open days for kids and parents.

What are the advantages of a virtual tour?

Cost containment

Realizing this service will decrease the costs of travel and accommodation of the people housed.

instant visits

Immediate tours can be conducted, speeding up the presentation process and showing your space in the best possible condition.


People who can visit the space can be more than one and connected by different terminals.

real environments and virtual environments

It will be possible to visit real environments, but it will also be possible to recreate ad hoc virtual environments or mix experiences, for example, creating showrooms without taking up space in the company.

restricted access

Access can be public or restricted to the client who can log in using the user and password credentials you provide.

USE VR visor

The experience of moving between company spaces could be made even more immersive with the help of 3D viewers.



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