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Aerial Shooting

Let’s look at things from a different perspective

To make our photo and video production services even more effective, we use ultralight drones for aerial filming.

Thanks to these APRs we can make decidedly interesting video footage of landscapes, buildings, facilities with functional purposes (preliminary surveys or for documentation of interventions) or otherwise insert passages that give more emotional charge to corporate video presentations.


We use ultralight drones duly registered with ENAC that enable operation in critical situations

In this way we have wide autonomy of action and intervention times that are not affected by waiting due to the issuance of authorization by ENAC.

Drones can be used for:

  • Internal and external corporate video shooting;
  • Urban surveys, construction progress;
  • Pre-project architectural and environmental analyses;
  • renovations;
  • Maintenance status of facilities;
  • inspections.

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