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In our communications agency – based in Urgnano, in the province of Bergamo – we work elbow to elbow, sharing projects and comparing ideas.

It is from sharing that reliable and meaningful creative projects are born. A smile or the arching of an eyebrow in dissent often defines the contours of a communication project that sometimes finds its definition in a discussion over the coffee machine. This is how we work. We like.
And we think our projects also like to be born that way.
We collaborate with Italian and foreign companies operating in local and international markets. Thanks to the intensive use of new technologies, we can follow from “up close” even the most distant clients who entrust us with communication projects, the creation of their website, or the content management of social profiles.

Our mission is very simple: to help our clients reach their potential through multichannel digital communication.


In 2021…

The number of employees grows and the area of Social Media Marketing and SEO activities is integrated.

In 2017…

Sites on open WordPress platform are growing more and more, globally and also those developed by the firm.

In 2014…

EDITO service is born to enable companies to keep their websites updated continuously and effectively.

In 2011…

The new Urgnano headquarters. New spaces to provide space for creativity.

In 2008.

ESCRIBA the proprietary CMS developed entirely by the De Marchi studio and the engine of future websites developed by the studio is born.

In 2007.

Orders are growing, technologies are growing, and diversification is growing.
Yes, it is time to grow up

In 2003.

The experience gained from working with an Information Technology agency with clients of the caliber of Infostrada, Brembo, Alcatel, etc… allows the deepening of technical. and multimedia skills in the field of technical and popular communication.

In 2000.

Opens his own graphic design studio and starts operating on his own client portfolio.

In 1998.

Simone De Marchi decided to leave his position at Telecom Italia S.p.a. to devote himself to an activity that could be reconciled with his passion: communicating through images. He then began freelance collaboration with a number of companies operating in the communications sector.

Alongside some IT projects, he understood the importance of the web and began to develop his first web-oriented projects.


Simone De Marchi

CEO & Account Manager


Barbara Morstabilini

Graphics & Art Director

Alessia Drago

Graphic & Web Designer

Chiara Carminati

Administration & Project Management

Marco Testa

SEO & Digital Marketing


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